Is Wind for you?

Wind Energy


Cooper Consulting, Inc. offers our clients a very efficient method to harness the strong winds. Our wind turbine systems are unique and specifically designed for the environment you have because they can catch the wind from any direction at the same time. Over the last decade, the cost for wind turbines has steadily improved thus making it more affordable.

With our elegant design, expert site assessing and professional installation, you can assure your turbine will provide many years of worry-free performance. Take advantage of the federal, state and local incentives as now is the easiest time for you to join the green revolution.

Is Solar for you?

Solar Energy

solar2Cooper Consulting, Inc. offers some of the best technology to reduce gas and electrical bills by harnessing the power of the sun to heat water. Our solar thermal systems are very robust and designed to take on the toughest weather conditions. With a design life of 30 plus years this makes an attractive option for either home or business. Solar thermal is very versatile and can be used for domestic hot water, space and pool heating or even industrial use. We are proud to have installed these systems in many residential and commercial properties throughout Indiana.

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